12 Things to do when someone is hurt

SB Posted 2 years ago
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People can get hurt by a number of things, we live in a world driven by impulse and we are mere creations of emotion.

Hurt isn’t always of the physical kind. A person could be hurt due to harsh words, circumstances, lack of emotion or the feeling of failure the list just goes on forever. You will definitely notice a change in behavior when a person is hurt.

Most people just shut down when they are hurt. Did you know being hurt for a long period of time is the first step to depression? I would be hurt too, if my ideals of perfection, were not able to define them self in terms of reality. It’s natural for things not to turn out a certain way; this may dampen someone’s sprit, but make sure you are around to make things better.

How to know if someone is hurt?

Different people react differently. See, no two fingers are equal. Here is a list of things people do then they are hurt.

  1. They switch themselves off, of social media.
  2. They suddenly become distant, you will see them lurking in corners, alone!
  3. For some reason you will always see them listening to music.
  4. You will see them walking is circles. Okay, wired but true!
  5. You will find them eating uncontrollably.
  6. Some people tend to sleep a lot when they are hurt.
  7. Others might just stop eating.
  8. They might seem fine but all of a sudden they will throw a tantrum and be very sorry about it.
  9. They might talk about it, and when you show support.
  10. Some people don’t say a word, no matter how hurt they are.
  11. Others won’t shut up about it.

If you feel that something is off talk to them about it, if they don’t want to talk about it show support anyway.

Things you can do for a Person who is hurt:

1. Begin with a simple, ‘let’s hang out’

You have no idea how good it feels when you are hurt and someone comes up and says hey let’s spend some time together or sit with me at lunch. Spending quality time with someone is exactly what people need when they are hurt. *Continue reading on next page*