12 things you should never do even in the name of love

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Love is unconditional; we all hear that a lot. But that does not mean you should change what makes you original, what makes you 'you'.

The person who loves you will do so with all you are and all you are not. There are some major things you should not ever do even if you love him a lot. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Lose weight

So you like to have an extra sweet at the end of each meal, and having some curves does not bother you. But so should be the case with the person you love. You should not have to change your figure just for him. If he wants you to, that means he sees your physical beauty alone, not the beauty in your soul.

The latter lasts longer anyway. If you want to lose weight then do it for yourself and not just to make him find you attractive.

  1. Ignore lifelong friends

Those who ignore their friends for the sake of their partner are seriously doing it wrong. His want for you to cut the contact with your ex is still reasonable. But when he wants you to stop talking to some or all of your friends – even your childhood friends – he is way out of line. To ditch your friends for him is not going to get you anywhere. Remember that those same friends are the only ones you will have to go to when he gives you a tough time.

  1. Crush your dreams

Be with someone who encourages you to be ambitious, not someone who kills your dreams and stops you from being independent. Love someone who would not make you choose between your career and your love life, because when the right one comes along, they will not even give you the awkward situation to make that kind of choice instead, they will support you with all their strength to be successful. They will keep you satisfied in terms of both your love life and work life. - Continue reading on the next page