12 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl In Relationship

EK Posted 2 years ago
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Men, take notes.

Since the very moment a girl enters a relationship her friends, colleagues and family start passing different remarks. Everyone is asking questions about her relationship and about her significant other. Regardless of her relationship with her soul mate, there are many things that she just can’t stand listening to. Here is a list of 15 things that a girl in a relationship just hate to listen.

 1. “You were more fun when you were single.”

I just hate to listen to this. Just because I’m not parting with you every other day you can’t blame me to be lame. I have my own personal life and you should give me that much space.

It is Okay that you miss your old buddy or best friend. But don’t make her feel guilty for having some one important in her life. Of course she has to move on with life. She can’t be having the girl party all her life. She has to find her life partner to get settled in her life. If you are her real friend instead of nagging you should feel happy for her.

2. “Why are you with him?”

Is that a problem? I am free to make my own decisions and I am very much happy about it. Don’t need your sarcastic remarks.

This is one of the lamest remarks. You really don’t have a right to question her choices. Don’t ask such things that can create doubts in her mind about her significant other.