12 truths you NEED TO ACCEPT if your partner is “THE ONE”

Misty Renee Posted 8 months ago
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The truth can be bitter, but you need to accept it.

You’ve been with them for a long time now, and the initial honeymoon period has slowly passed away. Things are starting to change and you’re left wondering what exactly is going on between you and your significant other, and where all of this is leading to. Is John/Jane really ‘The One’ for you?

If you want an honest and correct answer to that question, then it’s time to take off your rose-tinted glasses- the ones that keep you thinking that things will run smoothly forever. Life never comes easy to anyone, and relationships are definitely not the exception in this case. Here are 12 things you NEED to accept if you truly feel like your partner is ‘The One’.

  1. You are going to have arguments

Arguments that are done in moderation and end up having a good conflict resolution are actually healthy for a relationship. You can’t keep telling John/Jane that you love them 24/7. You can’t always agree with every single thing that comes out of their mouth. And you definitely can’t live a life where you have absolutely no conflicts/arguments with them. That kind of relationship is never healthy and if you feel like this is always happening in your relationship, then maybe you should see it as a red flag.

As the quote goes,

“A relationship with no arguments is a relationship with lots of secrets”
  1. At times, there won’t be a solution

Do you feel like you get stuck at a dead-end in certain situations? Maybe it was an impossible fight or a silly argument or just something that’s been bothering you but you can’t seem to articulate it in front of your partner. Stop worrying! This one situation doesn’t define your entire relationship and if you really want to break through this dead-end and move on to better things, follow these six steps:

  1. Start with truly loving yourself. Start believing in who you are. If you feel like your self-esteem has started to become non-existent, start noticing the things that you appreciate about yourself.
  2. Just lighten up. Stop overthinking. Stop tearing yourself down in your head. Stop putting yourself down on the smallest of issues. If you don’t change your thoughts about yourself to better ones, no one else will keep valuing you either.
  3. Lighten up about the other person as well. Keep reminding yourself of all the reasons you love them. And stop focusing on their negative aspects.
  4. Remember that you have a choice. At times, things might seem completely hopeless but you ALWAYS have a choice to be or not to be part of a situation that makes you uncomfortable.
  5. When you’re listening to the other person, start shifting all your attention to your heart. Don’t let your mind completely take over. Look for a place inside you where you realize that you have a choice but you still keep listening to try to understand the other person better.
  6. If you’re in a situation where you feel like you should set some healthy boundaries, do so from a place of truly loving yourself- a place where you’re well aware of the things you will and will not stand for. - Continue reading on next page