12 ways Real Men go the extra mile to show their Love

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Chivalry – the first thing that comes to your mind as you see or hear this word somewhere is, is it even alive today? You would be surprised to know how it has not become an extinct trait in men just yet, despite the odds. Humans are bound to evolve with time. In this age of teenage angst and grunge habits – not to mention the lack of communication among the emotionally isolated and “healthy brains” – we see some guy being decent and mistake it for flirting: that’s how rare decency and chivalry has become.

Women are not that hard to please after all. Their sensitive nature enables them to see the love and purity in simple gestures of love and sympathy. It is not rocket science to do random acts of kind chivalry to win their heats. Everyone is looking for a reason to smile, one way or the other. Why wouldn’t women?

These days, where dating rules have become so mediocre, it’s easy to be fazed by them, resulting in women thinking chivalry really is dead. However, there are quite a few acts of chivalry men still perform which make women’s hearts melt. Following is a quick look at some of them. By the end of it, you shall hopefully be able to realize that not all men are the same; some do care about little things to make women smile and genuinely feel good.

1. Coats and Smiles

Wrapping his coat over a woman’s shoulders is perhaps the oldest, most appreciated act of chivalry a man does. That moment when goosebumps on a woman’s arms settle down as the man next to her slips his coat over her shoulders, smiles are exchanged and a genuinely sweet ‘thank you’ is uttered – and is meant, in every way – that really melts women’s hearts, making them think inwardly that yes, perhaps chivalry isn’t dead after all.