12 ways women with trust issues show you that they actually care

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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I think the hardest part about starting a relationship is convincing yourself to trust this new person in front of you, to have faith in the fact that they’ll be loyal and truthful to you and to hand them the power to make your world come crashing down with a single moment of betrayal. So, stop worrying if that girl you started dating just doesn’t seem to trust you with everything yet. Because it’s not about you, it’s about the fears that life has engraved in her heart, it’s about those betrayals that left her broken inside and it’s about that hesitance she feels from the thought of letting herself trust someone again.

Don’t mistake her trust issues for a lack of love and affection towards you. Don’t think for a second that she doesn’t actually want to be with you. And look out for these ways in which she shows you just that she really does care:

1. She was always the wild, outgoing girl and not the shy quiet girl that she seemed like in the start. But her past experiences have taught her not to be too open, not to show too many emotions and not to get too attached right at the beginning. So when she finally brings out her real side in front of you, just know that she has taken her first step towards trusting you.

2. She’ll wait for you to text or call first. She won’t initiate plans to meet. But that doesn’t mean she’s indifferent. If she replies to your text or picks up your call in less than 10 seconds and if she immediately agrees to any plans you make, then be sure of how much she likes being with you. And try to understand the fact that the only reason she didn’t initiate things was because she was scared of being rejected. Continue reading to next page