12 Zodiac signs that make DISASTROUS couples if paired up

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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They say that matches are made in heaven but then why, at times, apparently heaven made matches turn out to be absolute disasters? What can really go wrong in a fairytale romance that turns it into an episode of ‘crime patrol’? Well more than habits and mismatches its ‘the fault in our stars’. Well as cliché as it might sound but stars do have a role in governing our everyday personalities. Astrology has always been an intriguing field that has on many occasions provided an insight into stories that could not have been comprehendible through any other way.

It is the patterns that matter. Behavioral patterns over the years have been shown to be exclusive to horoscopes. Understanding the vital forces of the universe that surround us will surely help us understand ourselves and the people around us better. Astrology has preset compatibility standards among the different stars, these standards in some cultures are taken into account with religious devotion at the time of matchmaking and hence they have lesser divorce rates.

It will be very unfortunate to waste a lot of time and emotions in building up a wrong astrological match that ultimately leaves you in despair. So it is better to understand pre-handedly the nature of your zodiac sign and the kind of partner that will suite you. Knowledge is indeed power and specifically an astrological education will help you in scoring the best in a short time period.

To guide you through the astrological compatibilities and incompatibilities given below are 12 astrological mismatches to watch out for!

  1. Lion and the Virgin (Leo and Virgo):

Leo and Virgo fall at complete opposite poles in the horoscopic sequence of nature. Both the stars possess extremely opposite natures and their bringing together is nothing but a call for ultimate doom.

Leos prefer glamour. The charm and highlights of the glamorous world out there keeps them captivated. They day dream a lot and live less in reality. Virgos on the other hand as compared to Leos are introverts. Where Leos prefer to party all night, Virgos desire a small intimate social circle with less attention. Leos prefer the center stage while Virgos are better backstage.

Madonna (Leo) and Guy Ritchie (Virgo) are a famous example of such a disaster where the two of them stayed married for eight years before divorcing in 2008. The Queen of Pop declared that her successful director husband lacked empathy and sensitivity. Jennifer Lopez is another Leo who has made similar mistakes twice. Both her marriages fell apart badly.

The only way such a relationship can work is if the Leo guarantees that his/her Virgo partner does not feel left out at any point and their feelings are taken into consideration equally. - Continue reading on next page