13 Guys in Long-term Relationships reveal what exactly it takes to resist temptation

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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13 Guys in Long-term Relationships reveal what exactly it takes to resist temptation:
  1. “Yes, I feel tempted to have sex with another woman once in a while. But I won’t ever do it because I’m not an asshole and I’m completely in love with my girlfriend.” - George, 30
  1. There will always be this one critical moment where you can wither allow yourself to fall down the rabbit hole, or just pull back. The trick is to recognize that moment and slam on the breaks as quickly as possible. What I end up doing is to just remember the smile my fiancée had on her face the day I proposed to her. And it works perfectly every time.” -Jason, 32 
  1. It’s pretty simple actually. When I get laid more often at home, it gets easier for me to resist temptation outside. I already explained this to my girlfriend in the start, and she has been good about meeting all my sexual needs. She has never denied sex to me. And this is probably because she understands how she will have a direct benefit if she has always made sure that I don’t ever leave the house feeling horny AF.” -John, 28
  1. “My girlfriend is great at sexting. She will send me the dirtiest messages when we’re apart, sometimes with pictures, sometimes with a naughty story. And this is what keeps me focused on her and our sex life all the time, even when she’s not physically around.”-Nick, 24
  1. This might sound weird. But every time I feel like I’m turned on when I don’t really want to be, I start thinking about my grandmother’s vagina, Obviously, I’ve never actually seen it, but just the thought of it acts like the perfect boner killer.”-Jim, 21
  1. “I’ve always been a boob guy. It’s not possible for me to even sit through a movie scene that has a topless girl in it without experiencing a semi. So if a large breasted woman ends up hitting on me, it would be incredibly difficult to resist the temptation to mess around with her. My strategy here has been twofold: I avoid going to strip clubs, and I jerk off at least once every week to adult movies just to get the boob thing out of my system.”- Nick, 29 
  1. I’ve always been a feminist. And the one thing that keeps me from straying is the awareness that I would end up being a total wreck if I was ever on the receiving end of the cheating. If you want to treat each other as equals, you need to take each other’s feelings into consideration equally at all times.”- Philip, 28
  1. Only last week, this hot girl from work kept flirting with me like crazy, even though she knows I’m committed. I did flirt back a little, but I always draw the line at physical contact. Once you start to get all touchy-feely, that’s when things start to get out of control. So I just never even go there and everything stays good.”-Martin, 33 
  1. If I ever find myself in a questionable situation, I just start thinking of my daughter. I never want her to be cheated on, so I have to keep behaving in the way I would expect any of her future boyfriends to behave. Otherwise, I’m just another animal, and another hypocrite.”- Joshua, 36
  1. My girlfriend and I have recorded so many movies together that I don’t even feel the need for any other women. I have a vast collection of sexy pictures and videos that I can keep watching if I start feeling horny and my girlfriend isn’t around. Nothing in the world can turn me on more than my girlfriend’s beautiful body.”- Daniel, 27 
  1. Summer has always been the hardest time of the year for me, when I see girl parading around in their short little dresses and skirts. I can’t help but picture every single woman I meet naked. And I’ve been doing this ever since I turned 10. It’s actually my way of avoiding doing anything very inappropriate. I start creating these elaborate fantasies in my mind, and these fantasies prevent me from acting unfaithful in real life.”- Alex, 24
  1. “A relationship that lasts is based on trust. Both partners have to make regular sacrifices for each other. And not having sex with anyone else is one of those many sacrifices. It’s not really that complicated.”- Curtis, 31
  1. My dad had a lot of affairs, and that really hurt my mom. So if I ever feel even a tiny bit attracted towards another woman, I channel my mom. I start thinking of all the things she had to go through and I remember the kind of man she always raised me to become- a good man who can respect all women, and especially the woman he loves.”-Damien, 32