13 Little Things That Fully Restored My Faith In Love

SB Posted 2 years ago
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When I was a teenager, there was a time when I had given up on the idea of love, every other person I met was either breaking up or cheating. I saw friends cry and mourn; it scared the hell out of me. Being a teenager wasn’t easy either, I had no idea how to behave like a kid and a responsible adult at the same time. I had huge arguments with my parents and family, no one seemed to understand me. The world was a huge mess and everyone was wrong, except me. The hormonal changes added to my mood swings.

I had decided to block the word and feeling ‘LOVE’ out of my life for good. Soon, the hormones wore off and I could think and see clearly. I realised that the world I lived in was beautiful and so were the people in it. Love could be seen everywhere, I just needed to look harder. I was now falling hard for this guy that also was my childhood friend and he was everything I ever wanted. I am not a person that gives preference to looks, but he was perfect. P.S (we are married now and I am the happiest human on earth!).

Love was all around me, here are 13 little things that restored my faith in love.

  1. Love is when the restaurant knows your order

I went to a restaurant and this couple walked in and the whole staff knew them. The waiter also knew their order and had food served on their table right away. They had been to that place so many times that the restaurant was just as good as home. #awesome