13 Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Relationship

Please try your best not to make ANY of these mistakes!

Do you remember how amazing things were at the start of your relationship? You did every single thing together. You hung out all the time. You seemed to have all the same interests. And with each passing day, you became more and more convinced that he was ‘the one’.

But that was all before things started to change for the worst. And now you’re just left here wondering what exactly went wrong and where. You’ve been obsessing about it for weeks, just trying to figure out a way to fix everything. But you still haven’t had any luck! You truly love him. You want this one to work out. But the tension between you two just doesn’t seem to disperse.

Why do you think this situation keeps happening to you? Why does every relationship of yours seem to have this exact same story? You start to believe that things are going amazing and then bam! It all hits you like ton of bricks. He starts acting cold and distant. Calls and messages start to become infrequent. And eventually, the end of your relationship arrives, with you still confused about what went wrong.

Unfortunately, a lot of us tend to fall into negative relationship patterns. And even though we never want to admit it out loud, the blame of most of our relationships lies on us. Don’t get me wrong! I am not implying that you should start acting different or pretend to be someone you’re not. But maybe, just a few simple changes to your dating style might help in securing that fairy tale ending you always dreamed of.

Here are 13 common mistakes that end up ruining your relationship:

1. Not trusting your partner

Love can hurt sometimes. But this doesn’t mean that you should keep allowing your past heartbreaks to come in the way of your current relationship. For men, one of the most important foundations of a relationship is trust.

He needs to know that you trust him. You might assume that he’ll understand where you’re coming from when he catches you snooping around his in his phone or ‘accidentally’ going through his Facebook messages the day he forgets to log out of it on your laptop. But this won’t always be the case. He will get annoyed at some point.

He does understand that you were hurt or cheated on in the past. But you have to understand as well. You have to start accepting that he isn’t the man who did all of those bad things to you. And every new relationship requires you to start with a fresh slate. It’s not fair on your guy if you start making him pay for all the hurtful things an ex did to you.

And no matter how understanding he may be, he will only allow this to keep happening for so long before he starts looking for someone who doesn’t scrutinize every move he makes. – Continue reading on next page