13 Reasons People Cheat On The People They Love

A Posted a year ago
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Why do people cheat?

To begin with, it must be established that infidelity or cheating in any form or degree is not acceptable. A loving and fulfilling relationship is always one wherein the parties involved remain loyal to each other and ensure that they never heart one another’s feelings. However, the sad fact of the matter is that plenty of people will fall victim to being cheated on. A lot of people will give in to the temptations of the skin and the heart, and will end up betraying their significant others.

Now while cheating is inexcusable, it doesn’t mean that there’s any harm in trying to figure out why people cheat in the first place. Sometimes, it’s good to get into the mind of a cheater so that you can better identify them right away before they hurt you. Here are some basic reasons as to why people cheat on the ones they love.

1. They aren’t looking to settle down just yet.

A lot of times, when people see that their relationships are getting way too serious for their taste, they will engage in acts of infidelity to defuse the situation. A lot of people are afraid of commitment, and cheating can be a great escape route for them.

2. They are insecure about who they are.

They need constant validation, and it doesn’t even have to come from you. Whenever someone expresses a semblance of interest in them, they will seek it out by all means because of their constant need for approval.

3. They are unhappy with their life and relationship.

Some people will treat their disloyalty as a means to escape from unhappiness and discontent in life. A lot of people who are in love with their partners can still become unhappy with their life, and this sadness could lead to them making very bad decisions.

4. They’ve fallen out of love with you.

It’s as simple as that. Love isn’t always a sure thing, and just because someone loves you today doesn’t mean that you’re still going to be loved tomorrow. And once that love vanishes, there are no limits to the amount of pain a person can inflict on you.