13 Signs That You Should Marry Your Partner Right Now

A Posted a year ago
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5. Your partner checks up on you every so often just to see if you’re okay.

It’s nice to feel like you’re being cared for, right? If you have a partner who always thinks about you, and checks up on you when you’re not together, then that’s practically marriage-material right there.

6. Your partner is great with kids.

It’s no secret that a vast majority of married couples end up with having children. If your partner manages to show great skill when handling kids, then your partner is prepared for marriage as well.

7. Your partner has no problem with introducing you to friends and family.

Your partners’ friends and families are important aspects of their lives. If your partner is comfortable with including you within that close and intimate social circle, then you’re most likely very comfortable with starting a little family of your own as well.

8. Your partner takes care of you.

Feeling sick? No need to worry. Your partner is there to fetch you that Advil for your headache. It’s like you have your own personal nurse the way your partner takes care of you.

9. Your partner actually makes time for you.

Time is very important when it comes to making relationships work. The both of you have to be able to make time for each other. If your partner is fine with committing a substantial amount of time just for you, then you know you’re in good hands.   - Continue reading on the next page