13 Things Women Can Do Perfectly Fine Without a Man’s Help

A Posted a year ago
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Gone are the days of the ALPHA-MALE, and usher in the ages of the feminist. Girl power is all the rage nowadays, and frankly, it’s long overdue. All over the world, women are making waves in various fields and showcasing their worth as a gender species. While some stigma of being a weak female still exists in some primitive parts of the world, ladies should continue to fight on in this world without the help of men. Here are 13 simple things that women can do fine without the help of their boyfriends:

1. Feel Beautiful

Ladies, you don’t need a man to tell you that you’re beautiful. Look into a mirror and check yourself out. Feel beautiful about yourself and work with what was given to you. You and you alone know your self-worth and you don’t need anyone else to reassure you of anything.

2. Perform Physical Chores

You need to reach up high on the shelf for something? Grab yourself a stool to stand on. Need to change the light bulb? Pay a visit to the hardware store and get that chore done. Mow the lawn, fix the pipes, and reset the router, no problem. You don’t need a man to get stuff done, you’re just as strong and as capable as any other person.

3. Travel

Go out and see the world. Immerse yourself in culture and learn about different kinds of people and see all kinds of different places. You are perfectly capable of being a true citizen of the world without a man’s help. You can plan the whole itinerary, earn your travel money, navigate the scary world all by your lonesome, and survive. - Continue reading on the next page