13 Things Women Should Know About Guys

A Posted a year ago
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Ladies, if you’re having trouble understanding the guys in your life, here’s an essential list of items to help guide you with your struggles.

What’s that old book called again? Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus? Let’s not beat around the bush on this one. There is a gender divide between men and women. While gender quality is indeed ideal, there are just some things that both sides fail to understand about the other. A lot of times, things get lost in translation, further lengthening the divide between the two genders. So ladies, if you’re having trouble understanding the guys in your life, here’s an essential list of items to help guide you with your struggles.

Here are 13 things that women should really know about men:

1. Guys Like to Cuddle

Not every man is a sexual animal, ladies. A lot of guys will want a nice cuddle every once in a while too. There’s nothing quite like the warmth of a girl’s body innocently pressed against ours. It’s comforting and it feels like home, and we like it very much.

2. Guys Don’t Read into Things Very Much

A lot of times, girls will get upset when they ask us our opinion on things that matter to them, and guys reply “I don’t know. Nothing!” You shouldn’t get too upset about that, ladies. Your men aren’t trying to hide anything from you. A lot of times, there really just isn’t anything on their mind at that particular moment. Try suggesting some ideas for them to think about instead of getting upset.

3. Guys Need to Be Told Things… Constantly

Guys aren’t mind readers, girls. Please. Stop expecting them to always know how you feel, where you want to eat, what you want to do, and where you want to go without you telling them. Yes, I understand that it can be frustrating that guys don’t pick up hints sometimes, but please don’t fault us on this. Remember the previous item? We don’t read much into things a lot of the time. If you want something, please do let us know, and we’ll try our best to make you happy.

4. Guys Like to be Problem Solvers

We’ve all been there. Maybe you came home from a bad day at work and wanted to rant to your man about that horrible experience you had with your boss. He then tries to give you some advice that you didn’t ask for nor want. I know that can be frustrating on your part, and that you just needed someone to rant to. You didn’t ask to be given advice. Please do understand that it’s perfectly natural for guys to want to solve problems, particularly problems that concern their girls.

5. Guys Hate it When Girls Overdo Playing Hard to Get

Yes, the thrill of the chase is good and all, but frankly, it can get old really quick. Now, I’m not saying that ladies shouldn’t make their men work for them. A true gentleman will work hard to win the heart of a true lady. But please, if you like the guy, don’t play too hard to get. You might end up losing him in the end. Men’s patience can only stretch so far too.