13 Things You May Not Have Known About Cheating That May Shock You

A Posted 10 days ago
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Have you been cheated on?

1. The cheater usually cheats on you with someone the both of you may already know.

It’s very rare that people will cheat on their partners with new characters. It’s so much easier to mask a session of lovemaking with someone you already know as a “casual meeting with a close and trusted friend”. One would never be able to suspect a thing.

2. What is considered as cheating in some relationships may not necessarily be considered as cheating in other relationships.

There are some couples who consider it to be cheating only when physical acts are involved. There are other couples who will be so strict that even establishing slight emotional connections with other people can be marked as unfaithfulness.

3. People who are dissatisfied with their partners’ sexual performance are usually prone to cheating.

It’s that simple really. When one partner isn’t getting their sexual needs fulfilled by their significant other, they might seek fulfilment in other people. That’s why it’s important for couples to always be communicating their needs to one another – even the sexual ones.

4. There are some people in relationships who know about their partners’ infidelity but will not acknowledge it out of fear of losing the relationship.

There are those who are just so desperate to stay in their relationships. They will silently accept the infidelity of their partner just for the sake of keeping them in their lives.