13 Things You May Not Have Known About Cheating That May Shock You

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10. Social media is making it a whole lot easier for people to cheat on their partners nowadays – but it’s also making it a lot easier for partners to find out.

It’s so much easier to hookup with someone nowadays thanks to the use of social media. It’s literally connecting people together in ways that might not be so noble or wholesome. But it’s also so much easier to leave trails of clues lying around about one’s infidelity.

11. Cheating with someone who is sexually charged and active can often uplift the cheater’s moods and spirit.

If you notice that your partner has been having unusual good moods lately, then that could be a result of having a more active sex life. And if you haven’t had a shift in your sex life lately, then they’re probably having sex with other people.

12. An alarming number of women only cheat because their hormones are on overdrive.

There are so many women who use their hormones as an excuse for their poor behavior. And sometimes, it’s just the plain truth. Remember that emotions can often cloud and impair good judgement. And when women’s hormones go on overdrive, their feelings can often overwhelm their senses which could lead to them making poor decisions.

13. Different perceptions of what love truly means between two people can often drive them to cheat.

Sometimes, two people in a relationship just can’t see eye to eye on what love really is and what it should be. And when that happens, there is a disconnect there. There is a wedge that is driven between these two and it can be hard to find common ground. And that’s why cheating suddenly becomes a viable option.

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