13 Types Of Couples - What kind of couple are you?

EK Posted 2 years ago
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Every couple is unique. They differ from each other in many distinct ways. Their passion for each other, the way they sort out things, how they behave in public, their intimate relationship, their approach towards arguments, their way of expressing love for each other; hence anything and everything that they do as a couple separates them from others.

We have a list of top 13 couple types. You must be familiar with most of these couple types. Have a look and decide which category you fall into:

1. Cheesy Balls Couples:

Just a look at them will tell you that they both belong together. They have matching outfits, matching phone covers, matching bags etc. They even have same hobbies, enjoy same tastes, same circle of friends and at times same professions. They put so much effort to look-alike. At times they look more like identical twins than a couple, but they are happy this way.

2. The Best Friends

They have been best friends and are still best friends as a couple. Such couples are fun to be with. They make great company. They are each other’s best buddies and still make a healthy loving couple.