14 little Things You Should Thank Your Boyfriend for

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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You don't thank him enough for these little things!

When two people express their feelings for each other and agree that they should be together, they form a relationship. Believe it or not, this is actually the easiest part. Mustering up the courage to confess, risking the fear of rejection and the fear of awkward conversations from there on; is all nothing in comparison to what's going to happen next i.e. making your relationship grow.

Growth is what keeps a relationship going; every day is a new day to do something to make your partner feel better. With that being said, while helping a relationship to grow is both the man and the woman's obligation (if they love each other), but the little things your boyfriend sometimes does just to make you feel better aren't an obligation.

Before the angry comments come pouring in, let's take a moment to actually understand what I said. Of course it's your boyfriend's responsibility to make you feel good about yourself. I mean, that counts in helping the relationship to grow, doesn't it? However, taking his opinion on a dress a million times and making you list all the pro's and con's or draw a pie chart, just to change into something else, isn't what he's obligated to do for you. Do you see what I mean?

The truth is, sometimes our partners do so much for us which we disregard as nothing too fancy and don't appreciate them enough for. I'm sure that you've been in a situation with your boyfriend before where you feel like even though he's being silly, you should do it since it makes him happy. I'm not talking monstrous requests here, just simple things which, although time-consuming and pointless, make him feel good about it.

This list highlights some of the most common things that women do and their boyfriends put up with, that too with a smile. Things which mean something to you, yet you don't thank them enough for doing since it won't do you two any bad if you chose to skip it. So, without further ado, things you should thank your boyfriend for:

  1. Listening to you talk about that petty one-sided fight as if it were World War III:

Your boyfriend hasn't said it, but I can: there was no fight, you have no arch nemesis, and you were basically annoyed by them breathing. People, including myself, can be so petty that it amazes me.

The war you're mapping out in your mind might have started out as something considerably moderate, yet you decided to blacklist them for all of eternity. Somewhere deep down, you might or might not actually know that you're being petty.

However, sometimes while talking about a situation, we tend to exaggerate little things and the other person can clearly tell that we're being petty while we just think that it's justified. - Continue reading on next page