14 Rules For Being A Gentleman / 14 Traits Of A True Gentleman

EK Posted 2 years ago
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A true gentleman makes sure that people around him are comfortable, respected and cared for. The courteousness, politeness, respectful and mature behaviour of a true gentleman can make the world a better place to live.

Many people complain that chivalry is dead. It is true that we rarely find gentlemen around us today but chivalry is not completely dead. With a little effort and by developing a consciousness of people around, men can revive chivalry. Moreover, I’m giving out these 14 traits of real gentlemen. By adopting these traits, a modern man can turn out to be a gentleman in its true sense.

1. Maintain Proper Hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene is the basic criteria. If you are not clean, then it doesn’t matter how flattering clothes you are wearing and how charming you look. Basic hygiene includes:

  • Regular showers
  • Proper use of cologne and deodorants (make sure you don’t overdo them)
  • Pleasant Smelling appearance
  • Trimmed Nails
  • Properly shaved and trimmed moustache and beard
  • Neatly trimmed nose hair
  • Clean hands and feet