14 Things about Relationships that Men Hate the Most

A Posted a year ago
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6. Conversations about Exes

Just avoid any conversations about exes completely. He doesn’t want to hear about your ex-boyfriend even if you’re saying bad things about him. He just doesn’t like the thought of you thinking about your exes whenever you’re with him. It makes things very uncomfortable and could spell doom for your relationship.

7. Having Relationship Secrets Revealed to Others

The intimacies and secrets of your relationship should stay where they are supposed to be: within your relationship. Your friends don’t need to know about his quirks, your sex life, your arguments, and other private details.

8. Having to Plead to Hang Out With Friends

To a loving boyfriend, a girl can make his whole world light up. But it’s perfectly healthy for each person in a relationship to have a world outside of their relationship. A man and woman should get to hang out with their respective friends without needing to beg for permission from the other.

9. Trust Issues

Trust is basically the bedrock of a relationship. You have to be able to trust each other if you want to make things work. When a guy knows that his girl can’t trust him, it’s very frustrating and downright insulting.

10. Clinginess

Don’t confuse this for giving your man the attention he needs. There’s a limit to that. Again, a man also values his independence and ability to do things on his own. You don’t need to be constantly by his side 24/7. Healthy couples understand limits and allow freedom for individual exploration.