14 Things You Did Not Know About Kissing

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Before anything else is looked forward to in a budding relationship, the first kiss is long-awaited and there is no wondering why. Kisses are so simple yet so intimate and help us say so many things we are otherwise unable to say. Here are 14 interesting things about kissing that we bet you did not know before.

  1. You Can’t do it With Your Eyes Open:

You can’t kiss (the right way) with your eyes open. People automatically close their eyes when the kiss is about to begin because everybody naturally knows that it can be pretty creepy to stare into someone’s eyes SO closely. Just imagine looking at yourself in someone’s eyeballs when you are trying to have a good time kissing.

  1. Lips Are Sensitive:

No, your lips won’t get torn after kissing; not that kind of sensitive. Like our sexual organs, our lips have some cranial nerves in them which make them feel more intensely than any other parts of faces. It explains the phenomenon of being sexually charged after a kiss.

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  1. Kisses Are Gross:

Aliens would be pretty surprised to know that we exchange spit to show affection. But well, aliens don’t matter.

Scientifically speaking, a study shows that when we kiss, we exchange almost 80 million bacteria and needless to say, all the shared germs can be pretty dangerous if one of the two people is sick.

  1. Dopamine Release:

We obviously get very excited before leaning in on someone’s face, expecting a deep kiss. All the excitement makes our brain shoot dopamine which is a feel-good chemical. So, whatever you feel after the kiss, you now know what you feel before it when you are too nervous to feel anything else. - Continue reading on the next page