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  • 15 different kinds of women that are absolutely loved by most men.

    It really depends on personal preferences how a man finds a particular kind of woman more attractive than all the others. You cannot succeed in catching the right man by merely being someone you are not and trying to show yourself as something that you think he would like but you are actually not. There is diversity in the kinds of women from which the diverse population of men choose.

    We have gathered 15 different kinds of women that are absolutely loved by most men. Cheers to you if you are one these and more power to you if you have your differences!

    1. The Athlete:

    To admit the truth, not many women are athletic, not as much as men are, at least. The reason behind this may be less exposure given to women but if you have the opportunity and you decide to take it, you will be loved for it.

    Athletes are preferred by men not just for the fact that they are rare but also because being athletic shows a woman’s independency and strength. Besides, athletic women are ten times more attractive with their sweaty workout routine and those big biceps.

    1. The One With No Need of Makeup:

    Aesthetic is what we all appreciate. Makeup is an art and bringing down women who like to put makeup on does no good. Although men do not care if you go out with or without makeup, they never say no to natural beauty.

    It is all about being confident in the way you are and as much as makeup artists are on the ramp nowadays, women who choose to not put makeup on are equally supported. If you are bold enough to not take makeup as a necessity, men will love that about you.

    1. The Listener:

    More than appearances and hobbies, it is our personality traits that make us likeable and unlikeable. More than anything, men want to be with someone who listens to them just like women do. They need a shoulder to cry on, someone who is emotionally available for them to depend on and someone who does not stay with them for the fun part only.

    As average as this requirement may sound, many men spend their time without being comfortable enough with the women they date. – Continue reading on the next page