15 Good Morning Texts Every Girl Deserves To Receive At Least Once

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Which of these is your favorite?

Thinking that we, as women, deserve to receive anything less than true love would be injustice to ourselves. If you think you deserve to be treated with love the first thing you wake up then be it! Every girl deserves to wake up to sweet, heart-melting good morning texts that make her feel special and proud of having a good lover.

If you are a guy reading this, take some hint from this article and learn the many ways you can greet her good morning in. If you are a girl, sit back and read the many good morning texts you deserve to receive at least once.

  1. “Good morning, my angel”:

As cheesy as it may sound, it will make you giggle and want to write something equally cheesy. There can a hundred ways in which he can address you, like sweetheart, babe, sugarplum etc (we bet you know at least 50 of them) so that is one good way to be greeted in the morning by the man of your dreams. Nothing big, just a simple good morning with a love-name can do a lot to make your whole day. Besides everything else from him, you deserve his undivided attention the first thing in the morning.

  1. “How’s my babe feeling this morning?”

A simple replacement of pronouns can make a simple question sound so much cuter. It is like he is treating a baby with the softest of his touches so as to not harm her in any way. You will notice the indirect speech and might even think it is a bit absurd but mostly, you will love to be asked about your current mood in such an adorable way. You will love his indirect expression; he will be telling you how he feels about you first thing in the morning just be asking a question like that.

  1. “I bet you look beautiful right now”:

If it made you giggle, it worked.

This one sentence in his good morning text says a lot of things, some of which are: I thought of you the first thing when I opened my eyes, I could not start my day without texting you, I am longing to be with you and I think you are beautiful at every time of the day. Given the fact that we all are a mess when we wake up, drooling with our hair tangled, his implication of you looking beautiful even with all that mess says a lot about his love for you.

  1. “I am coming over with coffee”:

After all the good morning talk, you deserve to be told, at least once in the relationship, that he cannot wait to see you so he is coming over within an hour to have coffee with you. You deserve the kind of love where the guy is as impatient as this to see you and actually makes an effort to ward off that impatience. You deserve his love the first thing in the morning, not at midday, not at night.

  1. “You were in my dreams last night”:

You deserve to be told, at least once, that the guy you love saw you in his dream and what better time to share such news other than while having the morning conversation?

It is a wonderful feeling to know that someone thinks about you so much that their subconscious mind keeps you alive even when they are asleep. It is beautiful to know that he thinks about you so much and thinks it is worth it to tell you he dreamt beautiful things about you. Dreams can be meaningless too, at times, but you deserve to be told that you are on their mind. - Continue reading on the next page