15 Incredibly Sweet Things You Can Say To Steal His Heart

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What's the best one-liner you've personally used?

Monotony and routine can be common problems that plague all relationships. Even the best kinds of couples can get stuck in ruts sometimes. It can take a lot of work to keep the flame of romance burning. To fix these ruts, some couples go on grand adventures to break the monotony.

Some of them turn to sexual exploits and explore each other’s love in bed. Some couples are fine with the monotony, and they persist in love through it. Whatever the case, getting yourselves out of a rut need not be done by grand gestures.

You can express love for each other and keep the romantic flame alive by delivering sweet and sincere lines to each other every so often. If you’re having trouble with being the articulate one in the relationship, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some great one-liners that you could use on your man to make him fall in love with you even more every day.

For New Relationships:

1. “You’re such a true gentleman.”

Stroke his ego and let him know that you appreciate his manly nature. You notice all the efforts he makes to be chivalrous when he’s with you and you like it when he’s being like a true gentleman.

2. “I always learn things whenever we talk.”

Beef up his personality and his confidence by letting him know that you find him interesting. Let him know that he’s capable of intellectually stimulating you whenever you’re together.

3. “You really know how to brighten up my day.”

Let him know that he’s a ray of sunshine in your life. Make him feel important and so he actually makes an effort to always bring happiness to your life.

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4. “It’s rare to meet someone so ambitious and determined like you.”

Let him know that even as early as now, you see a future with him because you trust him to make the right decisions about his future. Give him the confidence to envision a future relationship that’s in store for the both of you. - Continue reading on the next page