15 Lies Every Man Tells

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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  1. “I will call you again”:

Oh, the master-lie of all the lies! How often have guys not called you when they precisely said they would at the end of the date? A survey should be made and all the guys who have not told this lie should be awarded with a cheeseburger for their honesty because boy, that is rare!

While you wait for his call the next day, he is probably sleeping, hung-over from the after-party. Do not believe this lie and do not get worked up when he does not call.

  1. “This is delicious”:

Your father must have told this lie too when you cooked the terrible-tasting pasta that first time. Men tell this lie quite frequently and they should actually be appreciated for it. They are eating something that does not taste good at all AND telling you it does so that your heart is not broken. This attitude deserves some appreciation. Although, later, they should tip you a little on how the food needed ‘a little’ more salt.

  1. “You are the best”:

He is very likely to say it in bed to get you in spirits. This lie is half evil and half good; he just wants you to feel good about yourself and, at the same time, wants you to do better every time. Just imagine him saying “You are the best I have ever had” after you are done. How good does that feel?

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