15 Questions to Help You Decide If He is Mr. Right

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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There comes a point after weeks or months of dating when we sit down and think whether the guy is worth our time or not. We ask ourselves all these questions to conclude if he is the one or not. And that is justified; we need to sit down and do our thinking. To help you decide, here are some questions you should ask yourself in order to reach a conclusion.

1. Is He Supportive?

    Love is not all you need in a relationship and even if it is, being supportive comes naturally when you are loved. So ask yourself if he is all for encouraging you to chase your dreams and does not let you sit back.

    2. Is He Really Into You?

      Does he smile at you randomly and tell you that you look beautiful? Does he absolutely love to spend his time with you? That has to be a yes if not for legitimate reasons and there are not many.

      3. Is He Respectful?

        Does he pay heed to your codes of conduct and never cracks sexist or abusive jokes? Because that is a sign of a gentleman and you don’t want to be a person who does not know the utmost importance of respect in a relationship.

        4. Can You Confide In Him?

          Since a relationship grows with the level of trust, can you trust him with your secrets and problems that you would not feel comfortable sharing with anyone else? You need to ask yourself why is the answer is no. - Continue reading on next page