15 Reasons Why Breakups Are Harder on Men

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Breakups can be hard on both men and women, given their extent of attachment to the person who left. Why it can be sometimes harder for men and easier for women is explained here.

  1. Men Are Distant:

The two genders deal with breakups differently. A woman would probably call a friend or have a night out with her girlfriends after a bad breakup but a man is likely to hesitate in sharing his sadness with his macho not-so-feely dude friends. It is wrong but it is very common.

  1. He Got Close:

Women almost always get close and expect a little too much from relationships as compared to men. And when men do, it can be harder on them after a breakup as they have never been loved and left like that. They just got to know what affection is and all of it blew disastrously.

  1. Women End It:

Contradicting the stereotypes, a YouGov study’s results showed that 76% of the women questioned were the ones to end a relationship and 84% of men said they were dumped. So men are more likely to suffer heartbreak, according to the study, and are not able to deal with it very well.

  1. More Men Smoke:

The health of men suffers more than women’s after a breakup. Women do drink alcohol but less comparatively. Statistics show than men smoke a lot more than women, especially when they are stressed or depressed. Women are also good caretakers so their absence is a factor for men’s bad health post-breakup too.

  1. She is His Home:

Men tend to think of women as their home, something they can take refuge in when times are difficult. The woman they love is a source of their feeling of completion that tells them they that even if they don’t have their concrete home, they will always have an abstract one. After the breakup, they are left emotionally homeless. - Continue reading on next page