15 Reasons Why You Should Never Run After Someone Who Does Not Want You

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Please love yourself enough to not let someone make you fall this low.

Where there is a will, there is a way. A person who does not love you back simply does not want to. This simple concept is not understood by people who run after their partners who want to free themselves from the bounds of a relationship. If they wanted to love you back, be with you, they would try. But since they are not trying, it means that they are not willing enough.

There have been incredible love stories since the beginning of the world where one or both of the people in love have overcome all the obstacles in their way to be with each other. Life is not a bed of roses and certainly not a wish-granting factory. Sometimes, you just have to ask and if the answer is no, you have to move one. Running after someone who is running away from you is not only futile but also makes you look needy. If that is not enough reason for you, here are 15 other reasons why you should never run after someone.

  1. Love Is Never Begged For:

Love is not tangible; you cannot just steal it or force someone to give it to you. Love is a feeling, an emotion which cannot be grown unless the heart wants it to. Sometimes we fall in love with people who cannot love us and that is how the world works; not everything is reciprocated. It is better to get your heart-broken and mended than running after someone who cannot bring themselves to feel the kind of love we feel for them.

  1. They Will Do It Again:

If they cheated on you by getting involved with another person, it tells you that, even for a moment or a day, they forgot about your love and chose someone else’s temporary attention over it. At such an event, lowering your self-respect and letting them get away with it would be the wrong move. You deserve every right to be angry, you deserve to question and doubt their love for you but what you should not do is look over their mistake because you are desperate for their love even if it is divided.

  1. The Destruction Is Beyond Your Control:

When you feel like the relationship is falling apart and there is not what there used to be between you two, do not try, more than once or twice, to revive it. The damage has been done, for whatever reason, and it is beyond your control now. If your partner is equally willing to work on it then fine, do whatever you can to save it from drowning but their effort count is zero, let it drown. There will be better for you out there, someone who is willing to work on it. - Continue reading on the next page