15 Signs He is not serious with you and you are just a toy to him

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 8 months ago
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Sometimes, we look for scenery and only get a peak of the mountain. We wish and hope for nice and stable relationships when all we get is a joke-cracking, ass-staring pervert who would readily dump us for a woman with a bigger ass.

Sometimes, we just roll our eyes and move on because it was all kind of obvious from the beginning but other times, we actually get attached to the guys who were only using us as toys and were successful at it.

It’s necessary you assess your relationship and look for any signs of him using you for fun because, obviously, you deserve better.

  1. Not So Interested:

If a guy is with you for nothing more than having fun for some time then he will show clear signs of it and in order to notice them you will have to be very keen. For instance, if he has enough interest in you and the relationship can be checked but not if you are blindly in love with him. With your senses all awake, observe and conclude.

If he is in for a good time and nothing more, he will not show the needed amount of interest in your life. By your life, we mean your goals, aspirations and skills; the things you dream of and are saving up for.

  1. Not Ready To Compromise:

There are times in a relationship when things hold up together only when the two people sacrifice something of their lives to keep the relationship going. It is a sign of affection and true love which will be absent in your guy if he is only a time waster.

Time wasters are scared of getting too close lest you annoy them and take the peace of their lives away. When a time like this comes in a relationship, the time waster will always back out, not willing to even consider making the sacrifice. Don’t justify this action and take it as a strong sign. - Continue reading on next page