15 Signs You Are A Woman Who Only Dresses For Herself

A Posted a year ago
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Not all women are overly conscious about their fashion choices.

There is a common stigma attached to women labeling them as natural fashionistas who treat the world like their runway. It’s not always the case. Not all women are overly conscious about their fashion choices. A lot of these girls don’t even put too much thought or effort into what they wear. In fact, talks and ideas about fashion rarely ever pique their interest. They don’t dress to be showy or to attract other people. They only dress up in whatever makes them feel comfortable as they go about their daily activities.

So how do you know if you’re that kind of girl who doesn’t think about clothes too much? Here are some signs that brand you as someone who isn’t fashion conscious.

1. It doesn’t take you a very long time to get ready before going out.

You have to be out of the house by 7:30pm? You start getting ready at 7:25pm and you still won’t be late. Dressing up and getting ready really doesn’t take such a long time for you because you don’t really put much thought into what you’re wearing. Most of the time, you’ll just throw on the first thing that you see in your closet.

2. In fact, getting ready for parties doesn’t worry you at all.

While your friends are killing themselves and wracking their brains trying to figure out what to wear to parties, you’re just all chill and mellow. Dressing up and getting ready for events really doesn’t stress you out that much.

3. You wear the same clothes over and over again regardless of the setting.

Whatever clothes you might wear for a dinner out with friends is also the kind of ensemble you would wear while you’re walking your dog. It doesn’t really make any difference for you.

4. You don’t need people to accompany you when you’re shopping.

Shopping isn’t complicated at all, and you never end up buying bags and bags of items. You only need your two hands to do your lifting for you. In fact, you rarely go out shopping, and you get most of your clothes as gifts anyway.

5. Shopping is quick and easy.

If speed-shopping were a sport, you would excel at it greatly. You don’t like spending too much time in malls and in fitting rooms. You like your shopping to be fast and efficient because you don’t want to waste your time with something as trivial as clothing. - Continue reading on the next page