15 Signs Your Girl Best Friend Has Fallen For You

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Have you ever wondered why your girl best friend does the things she does and never been able to understand why? It is possible she might have fallen for you; love is a trippy path full of traps after all.

If she does these 15 things, you can be sure about it.

  1. She Tells Embarrassing Things About You To Your Current Date:

Whenever you leave her with the current girlfriend who you have just started going out with, she tells her every embarrassing secret of yours. It might be nothing more than a prank but it is possible she is trying to shoo away the new lady because she is just so jealous.

  1. No Girl is Ever Good For You:

According to her, none of the girls you have ever dated is good enough for you. She always has enough reasons to not like the ex or the next. It can be a sign, it can be her saying that ‘I don’t like to see you with anyone else but me, pick me’. You never know.

  1. Makes You Look Bad:

Besides embarrassing you in front of your current girlfriend, she tells her the bad things you do like smoking etc. That is some serious damage she is doing and you might even get angry but with a cool mind, think about why she is doing all of it. Is your best friend in love with you?

  1. Makes HER Look Bad:

Remember how Rachel made Ross’ girlfriend go bald saying she looks amazing with a shaved head? Well, your crazy best friend is prone to doing something like that to your current girlfriend if she is in love with you, like Rachel was with Ross. Make sure you don’t let her shave her head off, and look for the sign.

  1. She Pretends To Feel Bad About Your Breakups:

Quite obviously, she is supposed to give you space after you break up with someone and you will never really know if she is happy about it. This sign can be tricky to detect since she will try her best to look all sympathetic. - Continue reading on the next page