15 Signs Your Partner Wants To Cheat

Being in a relationship is not all fun and games and not everyone gets lucky to find true love on the first attempt. More often than not, you have to deal with heartbreaks and deception and believe it or not everybody gets to experience a difficult partner at least once in their life. Cheating has become a status symbol these days.

A person is not considered “cool” until he or she is dating at least 3 different partners at the same time. Here are a few signs that will help you figure out if you partner wants to cheat on you:

  1. The disappearance:

They disappear often without letting you know about it. One day, you are all happy and comfortable with each other and the next morning they are gone. It is not like they cannot have their freedom or hang out with other people, but you will know your partner vanishes in thin air without even having an obvious reason.

They would be unreachable for hours or even days and when they come back and you confront them, he/she will make the lamest excuse that you will not even understand. The worst part is that they will act like nothing happened and would be least concerned about your apprehension.

  1. Checking the phone too often:

You will find them checking their phone way too much than before. They will even avoid picking up calls in front of you and will change the passwords too often. He or she will get defensive if you will take their phone from them and the typical parade of “you don’t trust me enough to leave my phone alone” will prevail. – Continue reading on next page