15 Things Boys Do That Make Girlfriends Insecure

A Posted a year ago
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Boys, be sensitive of your girlfriends’ feelings. Always make sure to treat her like a princess and try your best to never make her feel bad about anything. Don’t ever allow her to succumb to her insecurities.

An unhappy girlfriend means an unhappy relationship for you. You don’t want that. Have some basic human decency and always try to make your girlfriend feel loved and cared for. Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone you don’t care about anyway?

There are things that you think you’re doing innocently that can hurt her. Be more mindful and allow yourself to act with more tact. She deserves more than how you’re treating her. Here are 15 things boys do that make girlfriends insecure.

1. Tell Them That They Need Better Makeup

A girl always wants to look her absolute best for you. If you tell her that she needs more work on her makeup, then that may lead her to think that you don’t find her pretty or that you’re ashamed of how she looks. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for her self-esteem.

2. Make Fun Of Their Eating Habits

If she has a big appetite, don’t make fun of her for it. She’ll end up feeling like she’s a fatty and that’s not a good thing. If she’s not eating much, then be sensitive with your remarks. She may not be feeling well or she may be feeling like she needs to lose weight for you. Don’t make fun of her for her eating habits.

3. Hide Your Phones From Them

If you hide your phone from your girlfriend, then that tells her that you’re probably hiding pictures or messages from her.

4. Make Fun Of Their Outfits

Like makeup, a girl will use her outfit as a way to attract her boyfriend. She wants to dress up to feel better about who she is and if you make fun of what she’s wearing, then that creates a dent in her confidence. - Continue reading on the next page