15 things that damage even the strongest of relationships

Z Posted 2 years ago
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Since the relationship future is kind of always questionable, anything you do or don’t do could be the end of it. Should we then leave things be? Definitely not. If something is important to you; you work for it. Even if the chances of a desirable outcome are not too favorable, you still try to give it your cent percent. Despite how difficult things get or how many mistakes you make; just keep working on your relationship. Now there are things everyone could adopt to have a healthier relationship; but a few things that should be avoided at all costs are:

1. Taking sex out of the equation:

Why would anyone want to do that! Sex isn’t just about getting each other off. It creates a very special bond between two people. All your physical flaws are exposed to the next person and they accept you; in fact love you for them. You achieve a level of comfort not possible any other way. It shows how much you want the next person. You find them desirable and what better way to show them. It keeps the relationship alive and if you have a different opinion you’ll see how keeping sex off the table would affect things. If you keep your partner deprived from something they want they might do the same to you in frustration.

2. Gradual decrease in intimacy

There are so many elements in a relationship; and taking any one out of the picture disturbs the balance. Be it your open and honest conversations, your desire to know everything that goes on with them, the physical intimacy among and several other things. Anything in your relationship that holds you two together, increases your affection for each other; if stopped would have devastating results. Be close to each other; physically, mentally as well as emotionally.