15 Things That He’ll Text You If He Likes You

A Posted a year ago
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He's DEFINITELY into you if he sends you such texts!

It’s 2017 and there’s no doubt that technology plays an important role in maintaining our relationships these days. We’re practically able to connect with anyone in the world at the touch of the button. And so it’s rather normal for people to get flirty over text messages. In fact, that’s how most relationships bloom these days. Yes people still go on regular dates and such to get to know each other. But how you communicate whenever you’re not together also plays a big role in developing your relationship.

The trouble with text messaging is it’s a lot harder to determine whether someone likes you as opposed to having someone flirt with you in person. You can’t really examine facial expressions or vocal tones when they’re texting you and so you can’t analyze them so much. Fortunately, there are some signs you can look out for. Here are 13 things that he’ll text you if he likes you:

1. He texts you compliments.

He’s always telling you how pretty you are and how attractive you are. He’s always finding ways to make you feel better about yourself through text. He’s interested in you and you should give him a chance. Entertain him for a bit and let him know if you’re interested too.

2. He texts you first.

He always likes talking to you and he doesn’t have to wait for you to message him. He’s perfectly fine with swallowing his pride and being the one who texts you first. He likes to be the conversation starter when it comes to you because he’s into you.

3. He makes use of flirty emoticons.

If he’s constantly making use of the emoticons with kisses and heart eyes, then yeah, he’s probably into you. Why would he use such flirty smiley language when he doesn’t like you? It’s either that or he’s gay and really friendly.

4. He expresses interest in your life.

If he keeps asking you questions about your life, then that means he’s genuinely interested. He likes you and wants to get to know you better. You stimulate him emotionally and mentally. You have a hold of him and he’s okay with being on your leash. - Continue reading on the next page