15 Things That Only Experienced Couples Know About

A Posted 10 months ago
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You know you're an "experienced couple" when you’re no longer stressed out by the thought of being embarrassed in front of them.

Relationships are never a sure thing. Some of us though are privileged enough to be blessed with a love story that we can be proud of. When we are lucky enough to have found someone to commit ourselves to romantically, we can’t afford to ever take that experience for granted. Lots of people spend their entire lives looking for love, and it must always be welcomed with open arms whenever it comes knocking.

For those who are engaged in puppy love; when you’re in the early stages of romantic entanglement, enjoy it while it lasts. Usually those early days are filled with absolute euphoria; levels of happiness that will be difficult to match as you go along into the depths of your relationship. As your relationship goes on, problems will arise. There’s no suppressing it. You will encounter occasional hiccups, and you need to know how to get past them. However, if you have a relationship that’s strong enough, these hiccups won’t be a problem at all.

The best couples are able to survive and stay together for long periods of time despite these troubles. They establish levels of intimacy with each other that transcend early passions. There is a state of stability, contentment, and happiness there that you just can’t describe. They are found in the simplest circumstances of the relationship, but these are what make them beautiful.

Here are the 15 things that only experienced couples know about:

1. You’re no longer stressed out by the thought of being embarrassed in front of them.

You’ve practically humiliated yourself in front of your partner so many times in the past, it’s no longer humiliating when you make a fool of yourself.

2. You have less REAL fights these days.

You no longer have those big arguments where you don’t talk for days on end. You don’t have those fights that actually pose as real threats to your relationship.

3. You have little fights every once in a while that are easy to get over.

Whatever fights you do have are shallow. They can be considered as small disagreements at best. And they’re also pretty easy to get over.

4. You have no problems with being honest with each other.

Honesty isn’t difficult anymore. You know that problems can only arise from deceit and dishonesty and so you’re completely open to each other. Besides, at this point, you have nothing to hide from each other anymore. - Continue reading on the next page