15 Ways Our Body Reacts After Heartbreak

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Heartbreaks should be considered actual diagnosable diseases that need treatment and people who overcome it should be awarded for their valor. It is not easy to take the pain and manage it well when someone decides to break your heart in pieces one day. It hurts more than it should and it affects us in more ways than we expect.

It is not just our mind that suffers from the emotional trauma but our whole body takes the pain and divides it. If you can’t say how, here are 15 ways in which our body reacts when we are left heartbroken.

  1. Physical Pain:

Your friends will probably make fun of you when you tell them it is not just your heart and mind that is in pain but your whole body hurts. It can be from staying in bed all day etc but most likely it is your brain sending signals to your whole body which you perceive as pain.

There may be nothing wrong with your physical health but the idea of pain greatly takes over your being and you tend to accept it very well. When hearts are broken, our bodies are too.

  1. Stress:

More than any other factor, stress will kick you in the guts and make you feel weaker than you already are. Low motivation to get out of the bed because you are not ready to take the day is an example of how stress will push you down.

Maybe it is the replaying of all the moments you spent with them that is making you stress over everything happening around you excluding them. Maybe it is the mere thought of their eternal absence that is killing you.

  1. Depression:

Depression can be the worst thing to go through after a relationship ends. It is a state of mind that makes you lose hope in every single thing in life and spend your time alone. Depression makes you push people away who are still there for you and does not let you see the goodness in life.

It is the worst thing heartbreak can out you through. When depressed, our body and mind reject every possibility of revival of happiness that we had in huge amounts just some time ago.

  1. Eating Habits:

When you are rejected and told to stay away by the person you thought you were going to spend your whole life with, you take it hard on yourself. We all turn to food for comfort when everything else fails to console our broken heart and we do it without setting any limits. We start developing dangerous eating habits where we eat and eat until we feel good or sleepy.

And we know how excessive eating affects our body. Eating is the most direct way of heartbreaks affecting our body. If we fall in depression, we tend to eat very less. Our diet is negligible and so our body suffers. More or less, the stress makes us alter our eating habits in disastrous ways. - Continue reading on the next page