15 Ways Your Phone is damaging your Relationship

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Put your phone aside every once in a while and look at how amazing your partner is.

Cell phones are a need now, we all know that, and it has become quite difficult for us to function without them. But secretly, without you ever noticing, they might be poisoning your relationship which you would only discover after the damage is done. There are 15 ways in which your phone can be damaging your relationship. Yes, 15!

So before you put your phone aside for the next deep breath, read these 15 ways in which your phone is affecting your relationship so that you are more careful from now on.

  1. You Spill Secrets:

Admit it, while talking to your BFF, at least once, you have told him/her things about your relationship that you should not have. We all face this urge to have our current relationship status to be shared with people we are currently in conversation with, so without thinking twice, we spill secrets about our relationship to the wrong people and sometimes the right. In doing so, we also often ignore the presence of our partner who is sitting right beside us. Cell phones play us in strange ways.

  1. You Ignore Your BF/GF:

That is the most common way of ruining your relationship via cell phones. Sit with them, pick your phone up, start scrolling and completely ignore their presence, the job is done!

Seriously, try not to scroll when you are with them. Take the scrolling to the toilet when you are bored in there, you won’t be ignoring anybody that way.

So yes, by using your phone instead of talking to them about anything and everything, you are slowly killing the relationship without realizing it.

  1. You Don’t Focus:

While listening to him talk about his day or anything in general, you get the idea to randomly check out your Instagram feed because you think you can multitask. In reality, although, you make him feel like he is talking to himself. By using your phone when he is trying to have a conversation with you, you make him feel bad for sharing things with you when you are not even listening. In short, you don’t focus on the little things that matter when you have your phone in hand. - Continue reading on the next page