15 Zodiac Relationships That Aren’t Going To End Well

A Posted a year ago
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These are some of the most incompatible couples.

Gemini and Virgo

Geminis are known to be very playful and nonchalant in demeanor while Virgos have tendencies to be very serious and mature in how they go about life. They couldn’t be any more different and a relationship between these two would be akin to a parent and child relationship. It’s just not going to work out for the best.

Aries and Taurus

You know how some people love the thrill of the chase? Well, the Taurus hates that. You know how some people like to play hard-to-get? Well, that’s what an Aries is like. So imagine the dread of an Aries trying to get a Taurus to chase after something that they don’t think is worth chasing after.

Cancer and Aries

An Aries is emotionally claustrophobic. They don’t like the feeling of being suffocated by another person in a relationship. A Cancer on the other hand is one who absolutely loves to smother people with love. This is the perfect example of opposites not attracting in any way at all. An Aries will do its best to push away any advances a Cancer may try to put on.- Continue reading on the next page