16 Fears That Keep Us from Falling In Love

A Posted a year ago
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What's your biggest fear when it comes to love?

There are some of us who run away from relationships/committing like cats run away from water. Why cats run away from water is a different matter but why we are so scared of falling in love can be explained. Whether it is the past that affected our POVs or something that happened in the present; here are some reasons and fears that keep both men and women from falling in love/being in relationships.

  1. Fear of Getting Hurt:

Heartbreak is known to be one of the worst kinds of pain and the most common one. More relationships end up in nothing than being successful. The fear of getting hurt is what keeps most people from getting close to the people they like; as stupid as it sounds to not try something in fear of it not working out, it is actually the most common reason why men and women stay away from love.

  1. What If I Get Bored?

Some people think that monogamy is some kind of wood and find it difficult to learn and apply the meaning of it in relationships. The fear of breaking someone else’s heart keeps them from finding love.

  1. The Lack of Confidence:

Low self-esteem pitches in here. Some people fear that their partners will not like their true versions and the ‘honeymoon phase’ of the relationship will soon pass away. It is lack of self-confidence that stops them.

  1. What If I Hurt Them?

It is commonly known story that a guy fell in love with two girls at once but could only go with one. Some of us are running away from settling because we know our hearts; what if it falls for someone else while our mind is with the other?  - Continue reading on the next page