16 Fears That Keep Us from Falling In Love

A Posted a year ago
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  1. Never Good Enough:

What if he is not the perfect guy?

He does not have to be ‘the’ perfect guy; he has to be your perfect guy. Same goes for men. The fear of never finding just the right person feeds our doubts and we stay alone for longer than we should.

  1. Fear of Family Feud:

Some people find it impossible to deal with their partner’s family let alone their own. Past family feuds and breakups are the factors that teach them never to get involved with someone with an actively interfering family.

  1. The Real Me Isn’t Pretty:

We have all had those relationships where the beginning was better than good and it all went to shit when we showed our true colors. The fear of not being accepted for who we are kills our interest in all of it.

  1. The Fear of Being Disturbed:

Some men and women are toxic for us; they disturb every course of our lives the minute they enter it without doing much. Although they are not right for us, they change our views and make us hate dating once and for all.

  1. Bad Time Division:

The fear of not being able to give the S.O. enough time keeps some of us from getting an S.O. in the first place. People we love deserve good share of our time and knowing that we are bad at prioritizing makes us stay away from it.

  1. What If History Repeats Itself?

One major fear of loving someone is the past; what if all of it comes back to you? You took the pain once and you know you cannot take it again. So you decide to not give history a chance of repeating itself again.  - Continue reading on the next page