16 Habits to Look For In A Woman You Are About To Pursue

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Good men and women are hard to find. By good, we mean the right ones who have the perfect, most-wanted habits and know when to do what without being told. If you, a man, have seen a woman like that or have one for yourself, you are lucky.

Those of you who don’t, let us tell you those habits which differentiate the perfect woman from the rest so that you have an easy time looking for one because life is pleasant with her around.

  1. She Initiates:

Be it asking out, the first date, first kiss, first text or first night together you will notice her initiating. Do not expect her to do everything because, of course, you want to be involved too. But if she does not believe in the stereotype of men doing everything and does not hesitate in being the first one to text or the one to initiate sex, she is worth pursuing.

Such women know that the world does not fall at their feet and they are supposed to make effort just as you are. Such attitude should be appreciated since it is the exact opposite of what the stereotype says.

  1. She Cares:

It is very important that the woman you pursue cares about you. If she does not feel the same way about you and does not give a damn about your life, it won’t, quite obviously, work out. So if she expresses her feelings for you via actions even before you have pursued her, she should be given a chance.

And if after you have pursued her, she cares just as much, you are one lucky lad. Besides meaning other things, it means that she is not into playing games but actually holds the relationship sacred. That is one important thing you need in your girl.

  1. Respectful, No Matter What:

She has a sense of respect for you. Do not think of yourself as a semi-god if she does; do not get boastful and proud. If she respects you, it only means that she loves you in a civil way. If there is a fight and she chooses to keep quiet at the moment so that there is no scene created for the public to see, she cares about the respect and reputation of the both of you.

A real relationship works that way. If it goes the other way around; if she yells and embarrasses you for small matters and does not respect you or the relationship, take a U-turn. - Continue reading on next page