16 signs he is really into you

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Sometimes, you just can’t figure out if a guy is into you or not and you’re swamped with thoughts. You are in a dilemma and you ask yourself, how to be absolutely sure?

Well, here are some clues that might give you an answer.

  1. His body language says it all:

He tries his best to catch a glimpse of you no matter where you are, he looks at you and when you catch him staring at you he turns away. When you’re around him he sits angled towards you and gets a little nervous every time you see him. He fixes his hair, applies a little scent that you like because he wants to look attractive for you.

Some guys maintain an eye to eye contact, pass a smile that just sways your heart away trust me, that’s the easiest and the most obvious thing that he can do to make you feel that he is attracted to you.

There are some guys who are too shy to maintain an eye contact with you but you can pretty much figure out that they are attracted to you by the way they smile when they look at you or the way that they behave when they’re with you.

Such guys might just lean in when they’re talking to you to show that they’re interested in whatever you say and when they’re with you, nothing around them in more important.

  1. He is very chivalrous with you:

When he’s around you, he’s the best-behaved person on earth. He has his own way of treating you like a princess. He’ll hold the door for you, he serves you tea or he just simply acts like a gentleman when you’re around.

He tries to be at the best of his behavior and you might not admit it but you actually like his courtesy. He might have a very hard to get look when he’s with his friends but when he is with you, he just shows you the sweetest part of his personality.

  1. He tries to stay in contact:

No matter how busy his schedule is, he will still take out time to drop a text or call you. He will make sure that he doesn’t get on your nerves while he’s doing that but he will leave a sweet little message to tell you that he’s thinking of you.

He finds an excuse to strike up a conversation and provides a valid excuse to ask for your number. For a starter, he might just add you on Facebook or comment on any random Instagram picture of yours to grab your attention. Get the hint ladies, he definitely feels for you if he’s trying too hard to find means to talk to you. - Continue reading on next page