16 Signs to Tell If He is The Perfect Guy

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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We come across all kinds of people in our lives; some speak to us on a spiritual level while some are not compatible at all. We accept the differences and embrace the similarities and move on with them, but there is always something about this one guy that we feel is made particularly for us and no one else in the whole wide world.

Now how are we supposed to know that he is the right guy for us? We have to see if he has the same taste in music as ours and if he treats animals the same way we do. But it is more than that, at times, when we really have to do something about the relationship we should look for these 16 signs in the guy to be sure about him being the one.

These are all nice and important things/habits that a guy ought to have in order to be the right one.

  1. He’s Fairytale Romantic:

Not all the time, of course, but occasionally he is as romantic as any cartoon guy in the Disney movies who takes the princess’s hand in his and dances all around down. Well, that would be kind of inappropriate, but he can give you roses and decorate the table or the bedroom for you once in a while.

To be the perfect guy, this does not have to be mentioned because it is so mandatory a quality. If he is really into you, he would never think twice to make you feel special, although expecting a lot from him would be a wrong thing to do. Just an occasional romantic dinner or a night out on top of a cliff etc should be enough to let you know that he loves you.

So, if he is fairytale romantic sometimes, take that as a very good sign!

  1. Always Appreciates Space:

Guys can be very clingy sometimes if they get too attached, just like girls, but if you are not the overly attached girlfriend and understand the meaning of ‘personal space’ while being in a relationship and expect the same from him, you are doing nothing wrong. A little privacy does not hurt even in a relationship. If he agrees with this then he is just the perfect guy, although make sure he does not get the wrong hit from the phrase ‘personal space’, that is where most cheating cases begin too.

You will know the relationship is standing at the perfect position when you both know when to be romantic and when to just let go for a while. He likes it when you cut loose and so do you, it is a great sign and absolutely necessary for a healthy and mature relationship. Cutting loose only means that you both respect each other's’ personal lives and that is idealistic in a relationship.