16 Signs You Are Going To Be Forever Alone

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Heed the warnings before you're left alone forever.

Do you like to work late because you know you have no one to go to home to? Are you the kind who avoids family gatherings because all your aunties want to set you up with their daughters? Well, you surely are on a road to being the kind of person who remains single all their life.

There are more signs to prove the theory:

  1. You hate cuddling:

You just cannot sleep or cuddle with anyone. You do not like anyone in your bed and you take the whole space so that no one can share it with you. You have multiple pillows sleeping with you in every direction and even if it is a very large bed, there will be absolutely no space for anyone else to share.

2. You do not have confidence in yourself:

Every time someone actually flirts with you, you think it’s just some silly dare given to them. That is because you do not have confidence in yourself and your appearance. You just cannot believe that someone might actually like to know you better and start dating you. You have to understand that it’s not always a dare. Someone can actually like you.

3. You don’t really like yourself:

You think no one can like you because you do not like your own self. You do not think that you are worth spending time with and even get bored spending time with your own self. You lack self love and care and are too ignorant towards your own self.

4. You cannot share food:

No one can touch your share of food and if anyone does, then they must be ready for exploding lava at the dinner table. The thought of sharing food scares you and you cannot even think of letting anyone touch your plate. Desserts are your weakness and absolutely no one, not even your best friend, can have a glimpse of your food.

5. Netflix is your one true love:

You have recently thought that Netflix knows you better than anyone else and sharing your account with anyone else would seriously mess up your algorithm. It knows exactly what you want to see and when. It doesn’t let you feel lonely in the hours of loneliness. *Continue reading to next page*