16 sweet things guys do that might go unnoticed

Z Posted 2 years ago
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Women usually have no trouble listing things men do that they find annoying. The list can be surprisingly long occasionally. They find men unnerving at times but can’t help loving them all the same. In the midst of all the complaining and whining, a few things that deserve due acknowledgement can easily be ignored. Not all men are the same. And even if you’ve got yourself a really difficult one, even he must a couple of appreciable habits.

Let’s go through a few sweet things guys do that go unnoticed;

1. Not leaving the toilet seat up behind them

Living with your family, on your own and with your girl can all be very different. On your own, you have complete freedom to live whatever way you want to. With your family things are going to be a little different, but it’s with your girl that the living situation goes through drastic changes. They might not come overnight, but if he’s making an effort to make you feel comfortable, appreciate it. Believe it or not, putting the toilet seat down is one of them.

2. Not letting you walk on the outside of the sidewalk

Nothing as dramatic as he’d give his life to save your or something, but this is his way of showing how protective he is of you. He cares about you, and may not always tell you, but he’d always show it. So make sure you pick up on the little things he does for you. Recognize them and be glad.

3. Skipping sleep to talk to you

In all fairness, you’re skipping sleep too. But it wouldn’t affect him much if you didn’t talk to for all those long hours. Guys are usually not big on words any way. These things matter to you the most. He knows how much you love talking each other to sleep. And he wants you to have that. He’s your go-to person and he’s doing his part. - continue reading on next page