16 Things Women Worry About On Sleepovers

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Ladies, how many of you have had these problems?

There is no better home than your own home. You realize this when stay over at a guy’s place for a night after a hook-up or just like that. You have a dozen or more things to worry about which are on your head and you can’t stop thinking about them. It is not your home so it is not your comfort zone. It is completely normal to worry about these things when you are away from home because you don’t want to mess things up for yourself and the guy you stayed with.

Here are those 16 meddling thoughts you keep having throughout the night.

  1. How Am I Going To Get Home?

It is not very likely that you brought your car when you rushed from the club to his home. You probably jumped in his car so chances are that you are without means of conveyance when you wake up the next morning. Your phone is dead and he is still sleeping. How are you going to go home? You feel like you are on an island with no human life in contact until you realize that you can always take a cab.

  1. I Have To Set My Alarm For The Morning:

Whether you are drunk or sober, naked or dressed, you are constantly telling yourself to not forget about the alarm. It does not matter how your night goes, your morning has to be the usual, work-on-time morning. You have to get home so you have to rise up with the sun and get going. So among all the thoughts you have on that eventful night in a strange guy/boyfriend’s apartment, you try your best to not screw up the next day.

  1. I Hope He Has An Extra Toothbrush:

If you are not planning to sneak out while he is sleeping and are on good terms with him then you might worry about not having brought your toothbrush along. You seriously did not put so much thought into one night-stay, nobody does. You secretly hope he has an extra toothbrush so that he does not have to kiss your bad mouth and back off because of the foul smell. You really hope he has one otherwise, welcome embarrassment. - Continue reading on the next page