18 Relationship Rules That You Might Be Overlooking

A Posted a year ago
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Learn how to compromise.

1. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.

Be truthful with each other. If you’re in a genuinely loving relationship that is free of judgement, you should be able to trust each other with the truth. No relationships have ever survived when they were built on foundations of lies.

2. Express your love in the grandest and simplest ways.

Just be as affectionate and as expressive as much as you can. Diversify your methods while you’re at it. You don’t always have to have grand gestures of love in order for you to express your affection. Even simple kisses on the forehead every now and then will suffice.

3. Be consistent in words and actions.

If you used to drive her to and from work when you first started dating, then make sure you’re still doing it as you go along. These little gestures mean a lot to your partner and your relationship will grow stronger once you realize that. Be consistent in your love for each other.

4. Conflicts are inevitable.

Arguments are fine. They’re part of the package. The key is in always being able to find some middle ground. You have to be willing to take some losses every once in a while. Lower your pride and hide your ego for the sake of harmony in your relationship.

5. Have deep and meaningful conversations even when they’re difficult.

You should always be willing to have those difficult talks. Should you be moving in together? What career paths are the both of you planning to take? What does your future look like? The best kinds of couples will have no difficulty having these discussions.

6. Set real expectations for each other.

Don’t always expect your partner to be perfect. No human being is ever going to be perfect. You will be disappointed every once in a while and that’s okay. - Continue reading on the next page