18 relationship truths every couple that lasts has to accept

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Make sure you do all of these!
  1. The best qualities about your partner- the ones that made you fall so crazy in love with them- will end up being the ones that might fail them. You just have to realize that a person’s biggest strengths are usually their biggest weaknesses as well.
  1. And in the times when your partner goes a little too far, the times where their intelligence turns into smart ass behavior, when their confidence turns into stubbornness, and when their wit and humor turn into cruel jokes, then you have to find the ability to look past all of it, and love them like you did before.
  1. At times when you’ll be too straightforward or too opinionated or just too much of any attribute that defines your personality, you’ll need to forgive your partner if they get annoyed.
  1. People can really frustrate each other sometimes, even when there is no apparent reason. Couples who last understand and accept this.
  1. There will be times when you’ll just have to smile and show up to an event you really don’t feel like attending- a birthday dinner for their uncle or maybe a boring work event. And you’ll do it only because your partner really wants you there with them.
  1. It’s not possible to be physically attracted to your partner every day, because no one can look their absolute best all the time. Sometimes, you might even hate an outfit that they wear quite often and you’ll contemplate over whether you should just tell them- until the point where you realize it doesn’t even matter. - Continue reading on next page