18 Things Every Libran Woman Knows To Be True

We all have come across a gazillion articles and stories on Zodiac signs and no matter what we believe in, we do get intrigued and read them. That’s because at the end, they do get pretty interesting and are quite true about a lot of things. Well, let’s just make it a gazillion and one with this article. At least for all the Libran women out there.

This is not one of those serious articles stating facts and stuff about your Zodiac sign or telling your horoscope, instead, it’s an article filled with sarcasm and about the 18 most common things that all Libran women will find in themselves. Now I’m not any expert in astrology, but I can say this from experience of being a Libran for 21 years and searches that stars can tell a lot about you, even better than you can.

“Libra is the best Zodiac sign to be”, we get this a lot, right? I mean we do have our own disputes but it is awesome being a Libran. And I’m sure all you women reading this are going to agree with the following 18 things we share:

 1. We are way too uncertain about, well, everything!

From a dress to a slice of pizza or even a relationship, we can’t just decide right away what to do without arguing with ourselves a million times in our heads about anything. There is not a single thing you can drop or try getting back without a detailed train of thought.

 2. It usually takes a longer time, say a year, to adapt a new habit or lifestyle

It isn’t easy for you to make a change to your day-to-day activities and habits, you like to keep things as they are. But once you make that change and eventually adapt to the new one, it lasts forever.

 3. It really is everlasting!

You keep your friendships alive your whole life, you love dressing the same way. You believe in loving the same person, giving them all it takes. You don’t belong to the “dating bunch”.